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Real Name: Timothy Drake

Occupation: Vigilante, Student

Group Affiliation: Young Justice, Teen Titans (part-timer,former).

Base of Operations: Gotham City

Known Relatives: Jack Drake (father), Janet Drake (mother, deceased)

Ht: 5'1" Wt: 115 lbs.

Eyes: Blue Hair: Black

First Appearance: (as Tim Drake) Batman #436
(in traditional Robin costume)Batman #442
(as Robin III) Batman #457

I have a complaint with Robin's height. Young Justice Secret Files and Origins #1 lists him as 5'1", which for lack of another source this minute, is what's listed above. However, there is NO WAY Tim is only 5'1". Tim is drawn taller than both Spoiler (listed as 5'5") and Arrowette (listed as 5'7"). I'm inclined to believe it may be faulty artwork on the Arrowette height, but the consistency of his height over Spoiler's makes him at least taller than 5'5".

"I don't think my life's REALLY been normal since that trip to Haly's circus all those years ago." (Tim Drake, "Little Wing")

When Tim Drake was but a very young boy, his family took him for a trip to Haly's Circus. While there he met an older boy, Dick Grayson of the Flying Graysons and even had his picture taken with them. Dick even promised to do a quadruple somersault for Tim, and he did. Soon after, Dick Grayson's parents died.

During the aftermath of the Graysons' deaths, Batman arrived, believed by Tim to be an evil monster at the time, until Batman consoled the orphaned Dick Grayson. That night was burned into Tim's memory as one of the most vivid in his life.

Tim became Batman-obsessive, keeping a scrapbook of every Batman article and feature to be published. Two years later, while watching news footage of the Penguin's defeat by Batman and his new partner Robin, Tim witnessed Robin perform Dick Grayson's quadruple somersault. He knew Robin was Dick Grayson, and soon did a little detective work of his own and discovered Batman's identity as well.

Even more years later, after Dick stopped being Robin and became Nightwing, Jason Todd, the second Robin, was murdered by the Joker. Batman became reckless, and Tim knew what he needed to center him again: Robin.

Tim then began a search for Dick Grayson, ultimately finding him again at Haly's Circus, in order to convince him to retake the Robin mantle. While Dick refused to become Robin again, he agreed to help as Nightwing and the two insinuated themselves on Batman. Leaving Tim with Alfred, to be dealt with later, Batman and Nightwing went off to face Two Face (pardon the pun).

But Batman needed ROBIN, and Tim knew it. With more than a little help from Alfred, Tim donned the Robin guise, and trailed Batman and Nightwing to the home built by Two Face's father. Two Face had blown it up to kill the two heroes. With Tim's help, Batman and Nightwing escaped the destruction, and defeated Two Face. With quite a bit of convincing, and help from Nightwing and Alfred, Tim convinced Batman to train him as the next Robin.

Tim spent the next months learning detective skills, self defense, and anything and everything he could from watching Batman in action. Though the physical was more difficult for Tim, he excelled at the mental studies.

Months later, while Batman was trying to trail Scarecrow, Tim was trying to catch a computer hacking bank thief named Moneyspider. Tim soon caught Moneyspider, revealed to be the teen calling himself Anarky. He then went on, against direct orders, to help Batman bring down Scarecrow. If Tim hadn't disobeyed, Batman and Vicki Vale would have died. That caper ended with Batman officially making Tim Robin, and giving him his costume.

(This chunk of Tim's history is contained within, but not limited to, Batman #440 through Batman #457).

Soon after Robin's accepatance of the uniform, his parents Jack and Janet Drake were kidnapped by a Haitian vauduin known as the Obeah Man. Forbidden by Batman to come along on the rescue (Batman even kept his knowledge of the events secret from Tim, jerk) Tim was at least spared from witnessing the events that occured. The Drakes were badly dehydrated, and on an island surrounded by hot coals. The Obeah Man was planning to sacrifice them. There was a pitcher of water near, and when Batman arrived to rescue them, they drank from the pitcher, unaware of its poisonous contents. Janet Drake died that day, and Jack was left first in a coma, and later temporarily paralyzed from the waist down.

Not long after this tragedy, Robin is sent by Batman to France to learn an ancient Tibetan Martial Art from its last living master, Rahul Lama. From the Lama he learns much, including weeks of study in the human body and ancient healing arts. The Lama, too old for physical training, has a student, Shen Chi who teaches Robin the combat. Supposedly. All said, Shen Chi really just beats on Robin day in and day out, though Robin is learning some moves from him.While under his tutelage, Robin chooses the sling as a weapon to be used in instruction.

The next night Robin goes out for a night at Club Dangerous with Shen Chi. While there he meets a girl named Ling who makes advances at him, and secretly breaks Shen's finger when he tries to step in. While outside with Ling, she is "abducted" by a local gang who take a moment to rough Tim up before taking off. Robin goes back to the Lama's for his danger-suit, and tracks the gang back to their place.

When he arrives, Robin witnesses the beginnings of a beating. Not knowing which side is right, he sides with the underdog, and helps the man, Clyde Rawlins, fight the gang while Lady Shiva looks on from the rafters.

While he and Clyde battle the gang, he urges Ling to run, but she merely stands and looks on. Clyde is sorely wounded, and Robin makes the decision to escape with him while the escaping's good. While they make their escape, the gang is revealed to be backed by Sir Edmund "The Kingsnake" Dorrance, and Ling "Lynx" is revealed as one of the gang. Meanwhile, the French hire Henri Ducard to take down The Kingsnake, and Robin takes Clyde to a rather posh hotel for recovery -- a recovery that is short-lived as Lady Shiva offers her assistance just as a group of Sir Edmund's gang arrive trying to kill Clyde and Tim. With Shiva's aid, they beat the gang again, and escape. Lynx, now in charge, vows to make Robin her gift to Sir Edmund.

Robin next rents a farmhouse while Clyde recovers further. While there, Tim hacks DEA files and learns Clyde is former DEA, Clyde himself reveals that Sir Edmund cost him his wife and two baby girls. The two decide to team up and take the gang (The Ghost Dragons) and Sir Edmund down, and Robin begins learning some street fighting skills from Clyde. Lady Shiva shows up again, reveals she too wants Sir Edmund, for the sheer need of beating him to prove herself stronger. She also reveals Sir Edmund is involved in a man-made version of the Bubonic Plague.

The three head to a lab in Auxille where they confront Lynx and the Ghost Dragons yet again. The three succeed in stopping them from escaping with one container of the plague, but the Dragons still make it away with a second container. The three give chase to Hong Kong, taking a jet to head Lynx's group off.

Robin, Clyde and Shiva track the ghost Dragons from their landing near Sheung Shui to Sir Edmund's lair in Hong Kong. They then go to one of Shiva's friends' estates near Victoria Peak to prepare for the confrontation with The Kingsnake. Meanwhile, he gives Lynx to his servant Bobbo for punishment in failing to kill Robin and Clyde. She loses an eye.

Shiva takes Robin aside for more training, she offers him a gift from her friends' weapon collection, and when he chooses a collapseable staff they have a small confrontation over ethics, and then begins training under Lady Shiva in martial arts. Later, Tim dusts off his British accent to fool a security agency into giving him the schematics of Sir Edmund's security. Over the next week, Robin continues his training, and with a little help from a whistling trick he gives his staff, he gains a pyrrhic victory over Shiva. Meanwhile, Ducart has a run-in with Kingsnake's men.

Individually, Clyde, Shiva and Robin move in on Sir Edmund's stronghold. Clyde is the first to meet Sir Edmund, and he dies for it trying rashly to avenge his lost family with anger his only weapon. Robin, meanwhile, is shutting down the plague weapon, and Edmund's flunky Bobbo. Robin is the next to meet Sir Edmund, and thanks again to his whistling staff, he is able to launch the blind warrior out a window to cling from the scaffolding for his life. Lady Shiva looks on, and urges Robin to be her instrument of Sir Edmund's death. Robin declines, and leaves dragging Clyde's body with him, fully expecting Shiva to kill Sir Edmund. While leaving he encounters Henri Ducart. Ducart reveals the location of Kingsnake's legacy, the cargo of blood money he was shipping ahead of him to Gotham. Tim shuts down the operation, only to find Batman was looking on as he did so. The two have a Kodak moment, and swing off into the night.

(This chunk of Tim's history is contained within, but not limited to, Batman 458 through the end of the first Robin miniseries)

Pop quiz hot shot: your mentor's in Rio, his arch-nemesis and killer of his last partner just broke free from incarceration and takes control of the city's computers. You're still a rookie with little training and there're no other heroes around. What do you do? What do you do? Well, if you're Robin, you make a couple mistakes and then kick a little Joker booty.

Joker has just made something like his bazillionth escape from Arkham Asylum, and with Batman away, Robin has to deal with it on his own. After toasting Mister Freeze for trying to usurp control of his gang, Joker kidnaps computer genius Dr. Osgood Pellinger. Robin tries to stop him, but only succeeds in letting Joker know that Batman has another Robin before Joker escapes.

Tim later breaks out the holographic projector to make it seem Batman's still in town while he does his nightly patrol and searches for Joker, while Joker is busy medicating Dr. Pellinger into his service. Eventually the two have another confrontation, with Joker discovering the holographic ruse, and succeeding in compromising the Gotham Phone Company for his computer take-over. All Tim succeeds in doing is fall behind in his schoolwork, and take another beating from Joker.

Joker uses Pellinger to take control of Gotham's computer systems and create total chaos across the city. His demands: a billion dollars delivered by Batman. The loon knows neither is possible, and only now is in the game to call Robin's bluff and hopefully kill the boy wonder all over again. Over a game of Warlocks and Warriors with his school pals Ives, Hudman and (unnamed) Tim discovers how to track Joker to his lair by following the flow of data over the phonelines. His first attempt to do so, however, fails sorely and joker nearly gains access to the Batcave's computers. Tim then does a little B&E at Pellinger's hoe, and steals from a crime scene by taking some of Pellinger's old photos. Tim also convinces Gordon to go along with Joker's demands.

With help from Alfred and a photo of Pellinger's childhood pet dog Pixie, Tim is able to have Pellinger's location traced and alerted to Gordon. With help from a mannequin in a Batman costume and a remote controlled truck, Tim is able to spring Joker's trap unharmed. Joker explodes the bridge the truck is travelling over, and believes he's finally killed Batman, for a moment anyway.

Just as Joker is realizing Robin's duplicity, Robin springs into action, quickly putting Joker's thugs out of commission while Joker himself tries to make good his escape. Robin gives chase, and enters a deadly duel with the Joker, who is set on killing another Robin. Robin takes a couple lumps, but wins out in the end, restoring Gotham to its relative safetyjust in time for Batman to return home.

(This chunk of Robin's history is contained entirely within the Robin II miniseries)

An out and out gang war is rocking Gotham as Batman and Robin search for clues as to why the crimelords are at harder than usual. Batman thinks a new mystery man called the Blackmask is behind it, as Blackmask has been calling in out-of-town reinforcements; a biker gang called the White Wolves. Batman and Robin drop in on the Wolves' clubhouse for a little chat, when someone does a fly by with a helicopter and guns down every single White Wolf. Only Batman and Robin are left alive, and Batman tells Robin to take a few nights off until he can come up with a better idea of what's going on. The streets are too dangerous right now.

The Huntress, Gotham's resident expert in busting mob-related crime, is on an information gathering session of her own. Staking out "Tough" Tony Bressi in a meeting with some foreign men, she hears snippets of their conversation, but cannot glean much information of what they are talking about. She believes they are discussing designer drugs. Not satisfied with what she's learned, she follows the unknown men to their hotel, where she opens one of their breifcases, where she finds only blank paper.

Tim Drake begins another long day of school. His friend Ives, asks Tim to join him and his family for Ives' birthday celebration that night. Tim agrees and finds himself in a restaurant in Little Odessa, where he has a surprisingly fun time with Ives' family. But of course, if there's trouble to be found, Tim'll fall right into it. He comes across some thugs beating up on a man infront of his daughter. But before he can intervene, the thugs, whom Tim identified as speaking Russian, leave. He then helps the girl get her father back inside where they do not call the police. This is obviously a shakedown, and the man says the police will be of no help. The girl thanks Robin for his help and tells him her name is Ariana Dzerchenko. Tim leaves, but he can't seem to stop thinking about Ariana for the rest of the evening. Eventually, Tim gets dropped off at home, and, after waiting for this disabled father to fall asleep, Tim ducks out and, as Robin, heads back for the shop belonging to Ariana's father. Robin arrives just in time to see that the thugs have returned with literally more firepower; one of them has a flamethrower and proceeds to use it on the small printing shop. Robin throws himself into the fray, and immediately finds himself thrown back out onto the street by the KGBeast, who greets him with the friendly words, "I am to be remembering you… you are being called Robin. And I am to be killing you." Things look bad for Timbo.

The fight between Robin and the KGBeast begins in earnest. Tim, having never seen this guy before in his life, realizes that the Beast must have seen Jason before, and this realization does not give Tim any comfort. Robin's butt gets saved from being skewered when Ariana's father shoots at the Beast, but the Beast immediately retaliates, and Ariana's father is gunned down instead, while the Beast grabs Ariana and all the badguys pile into a car for a quick getaway. Robin leaps onto the hood of the car and spoils their view by splattering a paintbomb on the windsheild, causing them to crash. The thugs then commandere a city bus and make a clean getaway, with the girl.

So things can't possibly get worse, right? Only if you call the sudden appearance of the Ghost Dragons worse. But Robin's rather peeved off right about now, so he wades into the gang and works out some frustration on the faces of the Dragons. Of course, after awhile, Lynx wants a crack at the Boy Wonder, and things quickly deteriorate from there and Robin gets the snot kicked out of him. But a saviour in a big cape comes from above, but its not Batman, it's a woman, who quickly gives Robin some room to breath. They fight their way out of the Ghost Dragons, and take to the roofs. Once they're safe, they examine Robin's injuries, like some lovely bruises on his face. They swap stories, and she tells him that she's in the neighbourhood because some Russians were working with Tony Bressi, and she wants to find out why. They part ways, after agreeing to work together on this case.

Next day, Tim is falling asleep in studyhall. He gets caught, of course, and goes for a visit with the school guidance counselor. She quizzes him on his relationship with Bruce Wayne, the kind of activities they do together, that sort of thing. They've noticed this isn't the first time Tim has shown up at school with bruises on his face. Tim's getting a sinking feeling in his stomach when the counselor gives him the news he'd been dreading. She's already spoken to Jack Drake, and they've both agreed, Tim can no longer see Bruce Wayne, unless Tim has another explanation for the beatings he's taken.

So, Tim lies. He tells the counselor that an upperclassman has been bullying him, but he doesn't know the kid's name. She leaves it at that, and Tim flees her office. Totally unsure of what to do or who to turn to, Tim eventually returns home where his Dad then starts in on Tim's beaten face. After forbidding Tim to see Bruce again, Tim takes off for his bedroom to think for awhile.

Meanwhile, the Ghost Dragons are having a training session with King Snake. He knocks them all down quite easily. Lynx comes to tell him that the latest mob moving in on Gotham are the Russians and that they have the KGBeast with them. King Snake asks Lynx to find the Beast for him, so that he can destroy him. Always good to see the badguys playing nicely with one another.

Robin meets up with the Huntress later that night at the remains of the Dzerchenko's printing shop. Ariana is still in the hands of the Russian mob at this point, and they have no leads as to her whereabouts. An old man passing by gives them the information they need, the Russian mob, called the Hammer and run by a man called the Commissar, have headquarters in a nearby casino. Robin and the Huntress head over. It doesn't take them long to recognize some faces from Ariana's kidnapping, so they proceed to knock the thugs down and head inside. They clean house there too. Eventually Robin learns that they've killed Ariana, and, in a fit of rage, he takes off on the Huntress. He wakes up the next moring, a brand new set of bruises on his face, and no Ariana to show for his troubles.

Well, everyone gets to comment on Tim's face again, Alfred, his father etc. Tim blows up at his father for never being there for him in the past, saying that his dad never even bothered to get to know him. He leaves his dad and gets in some serious Robin time to try and relax. He decides its up to him to avenge Ariana, but he's gonna need help. The Huntress arrives home to find Robin waiting for her. Using his uncanny knack for discovering secret identities, Robin figured out that the Huntress was Helena Bertinelli, the only survivor of the Bertinelli crime family. They then take off back to the hotel the Russians were staying at. They find out the names of the room's occupants, but are quickly busted by said occupants and a gunfight enuses. Robin and Huntress have things under control when the KGBeast shows up again, bringing large scale property damage as always. Robin, showing he can be as bull-headed as any of the other Bat-guys, charges the Beast and manages to hurt him. Huntress enters the fray and the two of them keep the Beast off balance enough for him to fall out of the hole he created in the wall. They start to save him, but as the Beast tries to pull Huntress with him, she stabs his arm, he lets go and falls to the street below. Of course he gets up and walks away though.

Next day at school, its back in the counselor's office for Tim. His grades have been slipping, he's been cutting classes and goodness knows what else. They threaten to expell him unless he cleans up his act. But, when the counselor leaves the room for a moment, she returns to find that Tim has slipped out. At home, he begins to run some checks on the Russian names he found, when his dad comes in and drops the bomb that Tim will be transfering to Fernwood acamdemy for boys in Metropolis.

Robin meets up with the Huntress again (despite Alfred's warnings that Batman would not approve of this teamup) and tells her that he's discovered the two Russians they busted the night before were scientists who had basically come up with a way to produce fool-proof counterfiet money. The paper that the Huntress found was paper stock sutiable for using to make currency with. Dzerchenko was a printer who had worked for the Soviet State Ministry of Finance before he defected. That explained the mob's interest in him. After checking a few more printing houses, Robin and Huntress find the one the mob is using, and the Huntress goes in. Robin follows a few minutes later and sees that they are indeed printing counterfeit money. Robin witnesses the Commissar kill his business partners and sees the KGBeast show up, dragging the Huntress behind him. Robin leaves and begins working on taking the badguys down when he stumbles on a heroin processing lab and sees Ariana, alive and well and being forced to cut the stuff. He cuts the power to the building and cleans out the heroin lab first, freeing Ariana. But they don't get very far as some thugs show up to cut off their escape.

Robin fights them all off, grabs Ariana and makes a run for it. Meanwhile, the Huntress is being interrogated by the Commissar and the Beast. They threaten her, she makes counter threats, and then Robin shows up and eventually frees her. They take off, with the Beast in hot pursuit. This is when the party really gets cooking and Lynx, King Snake and a bunch of the Ghost Dragons arrive. Mayhem ensues. The Beast and Lynx come face to face, but King Snake interrupts to have a go at the Beast himself. Big brawl ensues. During all this, Robin, Huntress and Ariana are trying to escape. Lynx happens upon them, armed with a really big gun, but Robin takes her down, only to discover that the Huntress has disappeared. King Snake wins his fight with the Beast and lays claim to the counterfeit money. Robin tries to make a gentelman's agreement with King Snake, they won't torch the money if they get to walk. He agrees and they go free.

Tim returns home for a talk with his father. He apologizes for cutting school, for the things he said etc. They tell each other they're sorry, and Jack says Tim can forget about boarding school, he doesn't want to be separated from his son again.

(This contained the stories comprising the miniseries "Robin III, Cry of the Huntress.")

With Bruce and Alfred out of the country, and Jean-Paul Valley playing second-rate Batman, Tim runs his nightly patrol alone. Robin spies three people scaling the superstructure of Wayne Tower. He confronts them, and when they jump from the Tower he mistakes them for suicides until their chutes open; though they got away he does succeed in stopping them from tapping into Wane's communications satellite. The teen crooks are actually Razorsharp, Channel and Megabiter, together with a fourth, Hackrat, they make up the hacker gang The PsybaRats.

Their failure disappointing their employer, he orders them killed, and succeeds in having Megabiter shot to death. The others get away, but during their escape both Razor and Channel are attacked by a strange alien creature, and saved at the last moment by their fellow, Hackrat.

Meanwhile, Tim does some detective work, creates a hacker id, Dos Boot, of his own and offers their employer what they failed to deliver. While Tim's doing all this, the surviving Psyba Rats are making their own discoveries. Channel remains comatose, but somehow able to transfer his essence into television and other communications lines, while Razorsharp discovers she can pull a T1000 with her arms now and cut most anything up. They vow vengeance on their employer, and go after him the same night as Robin.

The two sets of heroes quickly run into each other, and just as quickly start getting shot at by the Collector's goons. Though they differ in style, Razor wanting a more permanent ending, they fight all the way to the Collector, who throws Robin out the window of his highrise. Razor, with ready parachute, leaps after and saves the boy wonder. Though Collector ultimately isn't defeated, Robin is able to forge a friendship with, and become an honorary Psyba Rat.

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Young Justice:
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