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The series begins with Robin and Batman II (see also Azrael) dissolving any illusion at a partnership. Why? Because Jean Paul Valley is a total lunatic and Robin isn't stupid enough to stick around after the goob tries to choke him to death. That said, Tim hops in the Redbird, and puts the Batcave behind him for the time being.

Enter the Speed Boyz, a group of car thieving thugs. While Tim is at a varsity mixer with Ariana the Speed Boyz try and heist football captain Karl Ranck's wheels. When they try and shoot Karl, Tim saves him, making Tim seem quite the dapper hero in Ari's eyes. Robin eventually gives chase, and is run off the road by sheriff's deputy "Shotgun" Smith -- who believes Robin is one of the Speed Boyz and the Redbird is a stolen car. Meanwhile, the Cluemaster and crew make their escape from Blackgate.

Unable to talk his way out of the situation with Shotgun, Robin gasses him and makes his escape. Robin infiltrates the Speed Boyz lair, and after a scuffle with the Boyz, defeats them and leaves them for Shotgun to collar. Also of note this issue (#2) is that this is the first time we see Tim totally blow Ariana off in order to fight crime. It won't be the last.

When next we see Robin, it's Christmas-time and he's busy dispatching the typical thug element. Meanwhile, Cluemaster, Electrocutioner and Czonk are still at large. Electrocutioner has already started a little psychotic killing, and Czonk is trying desperately to wrap his small mind around a codename for himself. Tim blows Ariana off yet again, and the selfish little weenie actually hangs up on him (ok, Tim was being somewhat lame in his excuses), they do however, hook up the next day for a movie, but, of course, all he can concentrate on is his job and trying to figure out what to do about Cluemaster.

Now calling himself the Baffler, Czonk has found his identity, and sends the police a clue as to their evil plans. Also, in typical two good guys mistake each other for villains form, Robin and Spoiler duke it out in the dark of the hotel room Cluemaster and crew were staying at. Also in typical comic fashion, they realize they're on the same side, just in time to be confronted by danger: this time in the form of good ol' Harvey Bullock. Spoiler and Robin make their escape, and begin to solve the Baffler's puzzle. That done, Robin dukes it out with Cluemaster in the back of an armored car, only to wind up together as the car is being buried in cement for later retrieval by Electrocutioner and Baffler. Robin's predicament causes Tim to inadvertantly stand Ariana up. Ariana, the revenge minded girl she is makes a date with some chump named Glenn.

Spoiler, believing Robin gave her the slip, tracks Electrocutioner and Czonk back to their hide-out, and when the police show up she helps them escape so that she can trck them to the armored car. Once there, she defeats them, saves Robin, gets a reward kiss and they go their separate ways as the cops show up to haul Cluemaster and crew away.

Robin later goes on to help Huntress against some mobsters, goes on a car chase against Batman II and helps Bruce reclaim the mantle of being Batman.

After months of action, action, action, (#9) we get an issue with Tim dealing with all of his personal bits. Tim struggles to puzzle out what his role in Batman's life is now that Bruce is back in the costume, he gets his first car (not counting the Redbird): a big green van to haul his dad around in, and finally gets to spend some quality time with Ariana. Ari breaks the news to Tim that she went out on the date with Glenn, and he falls asleep mid-speech. Poor kid never seems to get a break, and is soon attracted by the Bat signal to Gotham, only to find Batman left wthout him. Determined to do his job, Robin catches up, and helps Batman beat the badguys.

Hal Jordan has gone totally psycho and is busy destroying the universe to rebuild in his image. While this is going on, Tim-Robin has a very surreal adventure with Dick-Robin. I won't spoil a bit of this for you, just buy it and read it, the story is a true treat (#10).

In the wake of Zero Hour, the first of many really cool brotherly team-ups of Tim and Dick occur (#0). While gallavanting around crimefighting, the two chat about the various origins and important, life-changing events in each of their (and Jason Todd's) careers as Robin. This issue ends with Dick first putting on the Batsuit during his short replacement of Bruce.

Issues 1-10, 0;Issues 11-20; Issues 21-30; Issues 31-40; Issues 41-50; Issues 51-60; Issues 61-70; Issues 71-80

Young Justice:
Issues 1-10; Issues 11-20