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Real Name: Bruce Wayne
Eyes: Blue Hair: Black
Known Relatives: Dr. Thomas Wayne (father, deceased), Martha Wayne (mother, deceased), Richard Grayson (adopted son, former Robin, now NIGHTWING), and Jason Todd (adopted son, deceased, Robin II).
Base of Operations: Gotham City.
Occupation: Vigilante, President of Wayne Enterprises.
Group Affilation: Justice League America (formerly), The Outsiders (founder, formerly), Justice League International (formerly), JLA.
First Appearance: Detective Comics #27

To many Gothamites, Batman is little more than an urband legend -- an urban legend that induces fear in many who walk Gotham's darkened streets. After watching the murder of his parents at a young age on Gotham's Crime Alley, Wayne has spent his life in pursuit of physical and mental perfection in order to wage unrelenting war on crime.

Over the years he's taken many partners and allies to help him in this war: three Robins, three Batgirls, Nightwing, Huntress, Azrael, The Justice League, The Outsiders and Catwoman. Though Gotham continues to be a crime filled city, moreso now than ever in the wake of a terrible earthquake, Batman continues to protect its streets and citizens as best he can.

For a much more detailed biography on Batman, who has too much history for me to provide on a Robin webpage (that would overshadow Tim TOO much), please visit Waynetech Industries where they have a highly detailed biography for your reading enjoyment.