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Real Name: Dava Sborsc (with an umlaut over the "o")

Occupation: Student of martial arts, War revolutionary

Base of Operations: Transbelvia

Known Relatives: None

Ht: Shorter than Robin (according to Robin in #50 anyway) Wt: Unknown

Eyes: Blue Hair: Red

First Appearance: Robin #49

Dava isn't exactly the best of friends. Robin met her in Paris while he was there to gain further training. Dava herself was there for training as well -- her goal, to learn all of the single blow martial arts moves. Being a small person, she feels the one-strike moves best for her to economize her efficiency in battle. As a citizen of war-torn Transbelvia, she wants nothing more than to free her people from the oppression of the countries murderous military. And she's more than willing to kill to do so. Dava also uses an oil-based drug from the rare "Aramilla" plant which provides her with superhuman speed.

Together with Robin she struck a few nice blows against her foes on the homefront, and played a part in the almost killing of Lady Shiva Woosan.