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Grand Opening Speech from the Page Owner, July 1, 1999

I've been threatening to do this page for a long time. . .

Before I go into that story however, I want to take a few paragraphs and thank Chuck Dixon. Now, if it weren't for Chuck, it's very likely that this page wouldn't even exist.

When I was ten, closer to eleven, I was a DC Comics reading fiend. My favorite characters were Karate Kid, Supergirl and Barry Allen. You might be able to imagine my feelings when first Karate Kid is killed, and then a few months later Supergirl is killed, and finally, the following month brings about the death of Barry Allen. As a ten year-old kid I was devastated. To me, the folks at DC had gone as far as to say, "Hey kid, your heroes are all losers." Though they were in no way whatsoever actually saying that, I still felt betrayed by the whole situation (hey, I was ten). The day Barry Allen died was the last day I bought a DC comic for a long long time.

Years passed, and I was a complete Marvel Comics reading freak. Nothing and no one could convince me to pick up a DC comic until one day I was sitting at my friend Bobby's and we were gabbing up comics, as usual. He mentioned that they were giving Robin a comic (actually it was the first mini), and I replied with a "didn't I call some number to have him killed?" regardless, he convinced me to read his when the first issue came out (he bribed me with Dr. Pepper, I can't resist Dr.Pepper). I was genuinely pleased to discover Chuck was the writer (bet you thought I forgot Chuck and this wasn't going anywhere), as he was also writing one of the Punisher books at or around that time, and I was enjoying that immensely. I so enjoyed the story, that I bought my first DC Comic in years and picked the mini up for myself.

Chuck's Robin, from the first mini, to the next, and the next, and onward captivated me. In a time when every comic was doom and gloom, there came a Robin.

Thank you, Chuck. Though you may never realize it, I would have likely NEVER have read another DC comic if it wasn't for you.. In a major way, your Robin paved the way for me to discover, and rediscover so many great heroes and stories, and while this page is dedicated to Tim Drake, Batman's third partner as Robin, it's also dedicated to the man responsible. Thanks, Chuck.