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Great site!
Sat Jul 3 11:20:21 1999

I just checked it out, Dave. I'm flattered beyond words. It always stuns me that the work I do here at my humble keyboard inspires some of you guys to do so much work on these websites. If only the guys I worked with on fanzines way back when could have foreseen this.

Anyhow, thanks for your kind words and I'll stop by often. I already added to it my favorites and will talk to Scott McC (my website czar and technocrutch) about adding you to our links!

(This was actually not a letter, but a post on the message board at Dixonverse. I was just so honored by the response that I included it here anyway. Am glad to have it my first "letter").


You have a really cool Robin site so I added a link to my page. Here's a link to my page The Unofficial Lagoon Boy Website

Keep me posted on the updates


(Thanks. I think Lagoon Boy is a great new character).

From: "Batman"
Subject: great website
Date: Sat, 10 Jul 1999 13:57:44 -0400

Hi hows it going guy? kudos to you for being one of the very few Robin websites on the internet. I plan on adding your site to my list of links in the next day or so. I have a Batman website that if you would like to check out you can find it at . Again a great job on a very underated hero, keep up the great work.


Batman: Defender of Gotham

(Hey, Dave, thanks!)

"I love the robin site. I've been looking for one. i was wondering if you knew of a way to e-mail chuck dixon? my computer won't let me on to the message board. i was hoping you could help me. best wish with the site. i visit often."

(Hi, Thanks a lot for the compliment on the site, and for visiting. I'm sorry, but aside from his message board at dixonverse, and the Birds of Prey message board at alvaro, I have no idea how to reach Chuck over the internet. I have no idea what his email address is, sorry.)

Hi, My name is Carrianne(call me Carrie) and I just wanted to know what you thought about Cissie&Tim kissing.I actually thought it was pretty't like... DECAPITATE me or anythin', but I don't really think Tim and Stephenie make a good pair.(sorry, that's just my opinion.) Anyways, I'm just writing to say you've got a pretty sweet web-site here. So, I'll part with this message to you...

I'll be back!! HA! HA! HA!

Bye!---Carrie P.S. if you find time, write back.

Thanks Carrie! While I don't agree with you on the Tim and Steph front, Cissie's kiss was definitely interesting.

and I won't go about decapitating you...