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by Vince Smith

Tim Drake was at the table with is father Jack Drake, eating breakfast. While eating breakfast Tim had a newspaper laid flat on the table so he could read and eat at the same time. He read a the headline. It said:

Earthquake Hits London 5th Day In A Row

"Dad, have you seen the headline today?", asked Tim.

"No, I haven't had the paper today yet. What's up?", asked Jack.

"Says here that a series of earthquakes have been hitting London for five days straight. Geologists say that the reason for this is because the tectonic plates are unbalanced.", Tim read,"Can you believe that?"

"It's Strange alright, but sometimes things just happen. no explanation or warning."

"Yeah I know.", Tim said dryly.

That afternoon in the Justice Cave, Robin was sitting at the computer typing, searching and studying what was on the screen.

Secret floated over by Robin, "Find anything yet Robin?"

"No nothing yet.", Robin replied.

"Oracle.", Robin said, and held one ear so he could hear Oracle better if she answered.

"Don't worry Robin, I found something about the quakes you told me about in London. Turns out the British government has been keeping a ransom from someone known as the Quakemaster under wraps. It says here the Quakemaster is going to keep the earthquakes coming, a stronger one each time until they give him or her $3,000,000,000.", Oracle replied.

"Thanks Oracle."

Robin turned to face the rest of the Young Justice team. "Guys we're going to London."

Superboy rushed to the SuperCycle almost beating Impulse to it. "You know they say London had some of the most beautiful women on the planet." said Superboy.

"So? Your point is?", Impulse asked.

"Never mind Imp.", replied Superboy.

When all six team members were on the the SuperCycle, Robin starts it. They're in in London in less than ten seconds.

End of Part 1