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Part 2

After arriving in London Robin tells the team what Oracle told him.

"So where are we going to find this Quakemaster?", asked Wondergirl.

"Well, if I were the Quakemaster,",Robin said,"I'd be hiding somewhere underground."

"Or, how about right in the open?",Secret said pointing at a Oil Drilling Plant.

"Good thinking Secret.",Robin said,"Now we have to figure out which plantation he's on if any."

Just then, the ground began to shake. Young Justice and the SuperCycle were floating safely in the air.

"Impulse, Superboy, see if you can find any wave pattern differences on the ground!",Robin shouted.

"I'm on it!",said Impulse , then ran. he was going faster than the vibrations so he wouldn't get shaken up.

Superboy went the opposite direction of Impulse and found an area about two acres across that wasn't being effected by the earthquake. "Guys, over here, I think I found the source we're looking for!"

Impulse and the SuperCycle arrived at the same time. "Good job SB!",said Robin.

Robin landed the SuperCycle. The rest of the team got off.

"Look!",said Wondergirl,"There's a house over there."

It was a two story house made of brick and ply wood. It had a huge sattalite dish that spinned. Then the Earthwuake stopped, and at the same moment so did the satalite.

"It's the sattalite. It's the source of the Earthquakes.", said Arrowette.

"now the $10,000 question, who's responsible?",said Robin.

End of Part 2