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Part 3

Impulse ran to the house, opened the door and went in, before the rest of the team could even start running. "Impulse wait!!",Robin Shouted.

"Why? Why did he have to be on our team?",Superboy asked.

"Relax Superboy.",Robin said.

They went into the house, and found Impulse looking around. "Nothing here!... here...or here!"

"Well now we know there aren't any traps.",Robin said.

Then a huge chandalier began to fall towards them. Superboy flew up and caught it,"Spoke to soon Rob."

"Robin, I found something.", Secret said, while coming through the wall. Robin went over to where she was and started searching the wall for any secret compartments. Then the wall began to move foward revealing a staircase leading to the basement. They went went down, and saw a room full of computer equipment. It reminded Robin of a smaller version of the Batcave.

"Look around guys, the Quakemaster couldn't have got far.",Robin said quietly.

They looked around seeing screens of many areas in London, many levers.

"Impulse, you find anything yet?",asked Robin. He looked and found Impulse playing a game on one if the smaller computer screens,"I'm definatley asking the wrong guy."

"Impulse will you stop fooling around!!!",Superboy shouted.

"Good going Superboy, now just let the entire city know we're here.",Wondergirl said.

"Stay where you are or I'll shoot!!"

The voice cme from behind them. They turned and found a scrawny, skinny, pale man with glasses.

"What are you gonna shoot us with, you don't even have a gun, not that it would make any difference.",Superboy said.

The man pulled one of the levers next to him, and ten laser cannons came out of the ceiling pointing at the Young Justice team.

"Oh Zeus!!",said Wondergirl.

The cannons started firing lasers at them. The team struggled dodging them because everytime they moved the cannons moved.

"Impulse, your the only one fast enough to make to the control center without getting hurt, Secret if you can get over there before he can i'd be much happier.",Robin shouted.

"Oh please me get there before Impul
se you got to be kidding!",Secret said sarcasticaly.

Impulse got there before Secret and pulled a lever. Instead of turning them off, five more cannons came out and started shooting.

"Could somebody please tell me if Impulse is on our side or Quakemaster's? Please!!!!",Arrowette yelled.

I'll take over Impulse.", Secret said, floating over to the levers,"Alright now Secret",she said to herself,"Solidify!"

She closed her eyes consentrating, then she solidified, she quickley pulled a lever. Luck was on her side, The cannons went stopped shooting and went back into the cieling.

End of Part 3