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Part 4

"What have you done!!!",Quakemaster shouted.

"We've shut down you operations Quakemaster.",Robin said.

"NO! You didn't turn off the cannons you activated the self destruct mechanism. It'll blow the entire city!!",Quakemaster stammered.

"How long until it goes off?",Robin asked.

"Ten minutes!", said Quakemaster.

Robin pulled out his staff and pointed the round edge at Quakemaster's face,"shut it down or your going to be in a lot of pain until the ten minutes is up.",he threatened.

Quakemaster started typing wildly on a keyboard. Five minutes later a female computer voice said,"Self Destruct Deactivated."

Superboy grabbed Quakemaster and the team brought him to the authorities. The British UN thanked Young Justice. Then Young Justice went back to the states.