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Tim Tells All

Robin: *Pulls up a comfy chair for Steph, while they step away from the others for a few minutes. Gets her some water, and returns* Thanks for taking care of Wonder Girl, I just wish we could have saved Valor. Now I just hope Secret's going to be ok, I didn't know they'd gotten so close. *fidgets w/ring a little* At any rate, how about you? Are you sure you're ready to be jumping from rooftop to rooftop fighting badguys?

Spoiler: *snuggles into the chair and smiles* I'm sure Secret's gonna be fine, we'll help her get through this. "Sighs, takes a drink* I don't know. I thought I was ready to come back to this, but maybe I'm not. My temper seems to be getting the better of me right now. Wonder Girl was a big help, but I was so worried about losing her on top of Valor... I don't know, I certaintly didn't handle Bliss very well. *takes Robin's hand* Thanks for caring though, but I think I do need this. I need to be with my friends right now, and I definitely need to be with you right now.

Robin: *squeezes her hand* I'm glad. I don't know how I'd handle things here without your level head to help mine. The others aren't exactly the most helpful there. *sighs and sits back* I think you did fine, from what I hear, I know you did. I don't know what we should do with Bliss though. I know there's some bit of decency in her, just can't figure out why she won't show it. She's bound to get herself in a fight with Cissie or Cassie or Suzie...

Spoiler: *laughs* Its ok, you can say it. Or me. Well, I'm sure something's bothering Bliss, no one can be like that without some sort of reason. Perhaps she'll want to confide in us in time. But anyways, enough about her. *laughs again* Waitaminute, did you say "my level-head"? *reaches over and feels his forehead* *shakes her head* No, you don't feel warm, so you must know what you're saying. You know, I think that's the first time you've ever said that to me. Thanks, maybe that means I am getting better at this super-hero thing. And I've always tried to be a help to you. Even if I did screw up now and then. *smiles sweetly* Now, I think you are avoiding a question...*reaches over and twists the GL ring* My curiosity is definitely getting the better of me here.

Robin: *smiles* Getting better? Maybe it just means I have a better perspective on your ability when compared to the other girls. Of course, Cissie's only twelve and Cassie's not much older... and Secret's only spent her whole life locked up. Maybe I wasn't always the most appreciative of the help you gaave me before, lord knows I've screwed up more than a few times myself. Now that Batman is gone, and Nightwing has his hands full with the JLA, I really don't know where my place is anymore-- except with this team, and with you. I just hope we can get through to Bliss before something real bad happens. *shifts a bit in his seat, looks down at Steph's hand on his and the ring* Guess I was changing the subject again, huh? When I went off into space with Supergirl, Karate Kid and the others to fight Avatar and his alien warships, we found one of their prison cells and it had... it had a lot of dead heroes: Batman, Wonder Woman, most of the Lanterns, others. Kyle was one of them. I knew he had a second ring, given to him by another Lantern, and I decided to take it so I'd have more protection. Now turns out Kyle's really still alive, he hasn't really talked to me about it yet, and I don't know what to do when he does. *realizes he's been rambling for awhile* Gee, you must've wanted to get a word in there somewhere, sorry.

Spoiler: *look of complete horror mingled with sympathy on her face* No. No I didn't really want to get a word in. I don't know what to say. I'm so sorry I pried. I understand why you kept changing the subject. Jeez, why didn't yo tell me to mind my own business? *gets out of the chair, goes over to give Robin a hug* *stays there and just holds him for a second* I am glad you told me though. And I am SO glad you took that ring if it helped you get back here safe and sound. I don't know what I would have done if you hadn't been here to help me get through... you know. *hugs him again reassuringly* Don't worry about Kyle, we'll figure something out when the time comes. *smiles wickedly* Like saying "Ring? What ring? Robin has a GL ring? Gee Kyle, you must be mistaken!" So, is there anything else we need to discuss while we have a few moments of privacy, or should we go back to the others and make sure nothing's been blown up during our absence? Oh wait! Don't answer that yet, cause first I have to do this... *throws her arms around him again and gives him a big kiss*

Robin: *not expecting it, he's a little slow at first, then picks up the kiss himself, when done:* Wow. You weren't really prying Steph, at least not in any way that made me uncomfortable. I'm glad you're interested enough to care, really. I can't lie to Kyle though, besides it being wrong, he already knows I have it -- he tracked it here, and helped me and Superboy take Valor to the Tower. I just don't know if I should keep it, or if I want to. Its so powerful, and I've never had to deal with that before, I wouldn't want to come to rely on it. Anyway, there's something else I have to do before we go back and make sure Bliss hasn't killed somebody or vice-versa. *takes off his mask, revealing his true face* Hi, I'm Tim.

Spoiler: *stares blankly, unbelieving for a moment* Funny, you don't look like a Tim. *stares again* OHMYGOD!!!! *hugs him fiercely* Its SO nice to finally meet you Tim! *studies his face, smiles smuggly* I was right, you are a babe underneath that thing. *frowns slightly* You're not gonna tell everyone, are you? Do you still want to keep it a secret? Cause I can, if you want. It wouldn't be a problem. At all. It would be our secret. Honest. Ok, shut up Steph. I'm just kinda floored, that's all. *sits down abruptly* Wow, this is just like the most important thing anyone has ever shared with me. *looks up at him* Tim. *giggles slightly* Just had to try it our. *takes a breath, stands up* Ok, I can deal with this. Thank you so much for trusting me. *takes his hand* You are the bestest friend a girl could ask for. *leans close like she's about to kiss him again, then gives him a playful shove* I was only kidding about lying to Kyle. You are such a boyscout sometimes! *smiles to show she's only teasing him* Really, don't worry, we'll figure out what to do about Kyle when the time comes. Now, I guess we should get out there. *gestures to his mask* You gonna put that back on?

Robin: Yeah, we better get out there, and yeah, the mask is going back on. I trust Kon, WG, Cissie, even Bart to keep it secret if I shared, but not the others yet. The Legionnaires are too free with each other's first names, and most of the others are still strangers. But I'm not telling any of the others, anyway. Just you. I don't think it's fair to keep part of who I am secret from my girlfriend, and the biggest thng holding that back was Batman, and, well.... you know. And I trust you. *smile, putting mask back on*. I knew this was the right time. *puts GL ring back in his belt* We'll deal with Kyle soon enough, lets go see what trouble the others are getting into.

*sharing one last kiss, and then holding hands and smiling, they rejoin the others.*