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Robin's Bedroom...Oooh

Robin: *leads Steph back to his room* Sure, Steph, I'd love to talk, I just don't want to deal with the whole crowd right now.

Spoiler: *flops on the bed, looks TOTALLY exhausted, one arm over her face* YOU don't want to deal with the whole crowd? Tell me about it. They certaintly are alot to deal with. *sits up, gives him a mock salute* So fearless leader, I'm ready to give my report. *smiles*

Robin: *plops onto the bed* Cool. You give me your report, then I'll give you mine. *takes off mask, gets some cleansing cream and begins applying it to his face* *notices Steph watching* What? You try wearing that kind of mask all day without getting zits.

Steph: *laughs* I wasn't watching because of that! This whole you without the mask thing is still kinda new to me. But I'm liking it a lot. *lies back on the bed again* Ok, where to start. *sits bolt upright again* OHH, Kon and Cassie went to a movie, and they kissed! *laughs* Sounds more like a gossip report than anything, but...I guess I'm worried how this'll affect things. *looks kinda sheepish* I didn't really think about group dynamics when I kinda shoved Cassie at him. I just knew that Cassie had a crush on him and well, I thought I'd help. Steph strikes again! But now... I mean, Cassie's kinda hung up on him, I'm sure Kon likes her too, but he's such a flirt, so that's probably gonna peeve her to no end. And then there's Bliss... *falls back again with a groan* Tim, what have I done?

Robin: I'll have a talk with Kon, make sure he understands what he's getting into if he keeps spending time with Cassie. He had a girlfriend once before, and that almost worked out, maybe he learned something from it. What about Bliss? I probably don't want to know... *Takes off cape* stupid thing gets heavy after awhile. What about Red Bird, is she a psycho supervillain in disguise, or is she cool?*leans back against the headboard.* How're you holding up? It's been a long day.

Spoiler: ((oh, by the way, Steph is wearing civies)) *stretches out beside him, puts her head on his shoulder. Sighs* Yes, long day. We'll get to that in a minute, don't you worry. Hmph, I forgot about Tana. Maybe I'm just being paranoid. About Bliss... well, I've kinda gotten the feeling that she's got a thing for Superboy... brother, this team is worse than a soap opera! *smiles* Which leads me to Red Bird. Well, she seems nice. She's from Gotham and she doesn't have any powers, so between her, you, me and Cissie, I think we've about filled our vigilante quota. She also likes Bruce Lee movies, so at least she's got good taste in movies... *smiles slyly* and in guys. She's definitely got a crush on you. *pauses* She asked if I knew your real name.

Robin: Wow. what'd you tell her? *puts his arm around her, caressing her hair* Bliss and Kon? That's funny, I don't think he's into domineering snotty, holier-than-thou types. Too bad, she has really useful talents, if only wecould brainwash her or something...a four vigilante limit, eh? And I was gonna ask Anarky to join...*smiles* Hey, be right back. *gets up, grabs something from the closet, leaves, returns moments later dressed in Marvin the Martian PJs* OK, that's better, I don't think anyone saw me either. *locks the door, returns to his previous position* So, what do you think about flying?

Spoiler: *raises an eyebrow* Locked door Tim? Oh how the neighbours will talk! *smiles, snuggles back into him* I told RB I didn't know, that no one knows. Oh, but her name is Katie, Katie Connors. *gives him a sideways glance* And I don't think its Bliss' attitude that Kon is interested in... more like her attributes. Brainwashing eh? Has its possibilities. *absently tracing the outline of one of the Marvins on his chest* Flying? *shrugs* I've never really thought about it. But maybe that's why I like swinging from the rooftops so much, its the closest thing people like you and me get to flying under our own power. Why do you ask?

Tim: Oh, no reason...*grins* I'll show you tomorrow when I tell everyone else. Bliss does have some really good attributes...strength, speed, sorcery, I can see what Kon sees in her. Of course, I could never go for someone with super powers, too weird. . . The door's locked so no one barges in and sees me without my mask while I'm sleeping. *gives her a quick kiss* So, you like my Marvins?

Spoiler: *gives him a poke* That's NOT what I meant about Bliss' attributes. *stops what she's doing, blushes a little* Oh! *smiles* Yes, your Marvins are just too cute for words. *kisses him back quickly, sits up* Why can't you tell me about the flying now? Huh? *starts bouncing on the bed and does a bang-on Imp imitation* Tellmetellmetellmetellme!!! C'mon Rob, I'll DIE if you don't tell me!!! *starts giggling*

Tim: *gets up, grabs steph and starts to kiss her, about a minute later she realizes they're floating in the air about two feet above the bed* You wouldn't have died...*lowers them back to the bed, and leans back against the headboard* Maybe killed me, but you wouldn't have died. *takes a new silver ring from his right ring finger, and tosses it to her* Here, you get my original one. They're flight rings, Nightwing had Steel and Invisible Kid make them for everyone. And Nightwing wants you there next time I go meet with him.

Steph: *Eyes wide as saucers, stares at the ring* Whoa. *looks at Tim* This is gonna be very weird. Cool, but weird. *kisses him* I'd never kill you, beat you about the head yes, but I like you far too much to kill you. *grins and swats him with a pillow, then frowns* Hey, wait, why does your gorgeous "older brother" want to meet with me?

Tim: Gorgeous? Gorgeous! *wrestles with her a little, until he has her pinned* He has the WORST taste in women though...aliens, supervillains... *lets her go, kisses her* Anyway, he just wants to hang out some, get to know his "little bro's" girl a bit, especially since you're one of the people he wants to have helping out the crime situation in Gotham since he can't be everywhere at once, and I can only be most everywhere.

Steph: *laughing as they wrestle* Ok, ok! I'm joking! You're much better looking than he is! Honest! *takes a deep breath* Wow, this is getting serious, I'm meeting your "family" now. *grins* But, I'm sure the Stephanie Brown charm will work as well on Nightwing as it does on you. *kisses him, looks serious* And speaking of you being most everywhere, what did happen when you disappeared? Why'd you run off like that? And how the heck did that looney with the sword manage to grab you? When we showed up at that place and I saw you in that...that contraption... Tim, I was so worried about you... *tries to smile, but it comes out more as a grimace* But we got out. *shivers slightly at the thought of Shadowmaster and what he said to her, looks a little haunted*

Tim: There's not much of the "family" left. Just me, Nightwing and Huntress. *also serious* I ran off like I did to see if Superboy would do good running the show while I was gone rallying some back-up. After I got Lagoon Boy and the others' help I was ambushed by 'Shadowmaster's' team-mate - the one with the yellow energy weapons. She was a better fighter than me, and the ring doesn't work on yellow. I feel like I really dropped the ball, especially with Bladerunner and Ray.

Steph: *frowns at him* You didn't drop the ball! You got waylaid as well! *sighs* Besides, I hate to tell you this, but SB didn't run the show; I guess I kinda did. Supes and Bliss just argued with one another until I told them to shut up.... The bad guys knew we were coming, and I tried to have everyone go in together so we could cover each other's backs, but it didn't work, everyone split up anyways, and Force got knocked down and then Bladerunner.... oh Patrick...and I went after Shadowmaster and he talked about keeping me for himself instead of killing me... so I ran... and then Ray got hurt... I was the one who screwed up. *her voice has been dropping steadily through this, until she's almost whispering at the end*

Tim: Oh Steph. *holds her to him* you didn't drop the ball, you did real well. Darin and Patrick didn't listen to you, and they were a lot better than us...we really got lucky back on that island. If you hadn't gotten everyone there, Cassie and I would probably be dead right now. . . and I'll find a way to make sure Shadowmaster never gets to treat you like that again. He got away, but most of his men didn't, we won't have to worry about him again for a long time. You did fine... *just holds her*

Steph: *just stays in his arms for awhile, whispers* Thanks, you always know how to make me feel better. *looks into his eyes, then moves in for a long, slow, deep kiss. Smiles when they break apart* And I know you'll protect me. You're always there for me, it's one of the reasons why I lo....*stops what she's saying abruptly, mouth snaps closed, blinks eyes rapidly in surprise* Why I should leave. *stands up, stretches, gives a really fake yawn* Yeah, we have to be up early to go to STAR...*starts searching for her big, fuzzy, bear-claw slippers*.

Tim: *puzzled by her pause* Your slippers fell under the bed when we were hovering. You sure you're ok? You can stay here, I'll take the floor again.

Steph: *sits down on the bed* I'm okay, really. *notices his puzzlement* I think I just scared myself is all. *smiles* I was going to say "that's one of the reasons I love you." *looks at the floor, turns bright red* And I realized, I really do love you. *looks at him again* The thought just came so easy, I mean I've said love ya and stuff like that, but this time.... it just felt different. *shakes her head* Never mind, I must sound so goofy. *tosses slippers* I would love to stay here, but you don't have to sleep on the floor, we*bites lip* share the bed... y'know, and cuddle? I think I could really use that right now.

Tim: *hugging her* I feel the same way...but I was afraid to say anything...afraid you didn't feel the same. *meets her eyes* I love you, Steph. *kisses her back, then releases her, suddenly nervous* Umm...I'd love to cuddle...are you sure though? I mean...I've...umm...never...umm...well, you know...cuddled with a girl before.

Steph: *after the kiss, falls backwards on the bed in a mock faint of relief* Oh thank god. I was so worried I was gonna scare you off if I said anything! *sits up again, smiles at his nervousness* Its ok, we're not doing anything racy. *grimaces slightly* Been there, done that, had the baby. ANYhoo, I... I just want to be held I guess. *puts face in hands, mumbles* I am SUCH a sap! *looks up, smiles, tries to hide HER nervousness* Here, its not difficult, you lie down like so... oh, do you prefer sleeping on your back or side? Ok then, and I lie down like this...Voila! This isn't so bad, is it? And we're not doing anything that's illegal in any of the 50 states. *chuckles*

Tim: *blushing* racy?...umm...I definitely haven't...ummm....yeah, this is good. *after they're spooning, his arm over her side* wow...I never thought we'd ever actually be doing this when I first met you...y'know, the baby's a part of your life that changed you a great deal, and I like you this way. *snuggles his head against the back of her neck* and you don't have to worry, I won't leave you. *yawns*

Steph: *chuckles again* Its ok, the "racy" topic is not coming up for awhile, as far as I'm concerned. And with the way you stammer everytime its even brushed against, I have a feeling that's fine with you too. *sighs* I didn't think this would happen either... but I'm so happy it did. *pauses* Thanks, I like me this way too. It was hard, but I am happy with who I am and the decisions I made. As hokey as it sounds, I think I am a better person for having gone through it. But we shall NOT be repeating that experience for quite some time... *kisses his fingers* S'ok, I didn't *think* you'd leave, you stuck by me during a time most guys would've bailed. *laughs, says softly* What did I do in a past life to deserve you? I've just never told anyone I love them before, so it scared me. *yawns, snuggles closer* I love you Tim.

Tim: *snuggles in until he's comfortable* such a wet sponge...*yawn*...ah wuffweeww eww...*blows some of her hair out of his mouth* I love you too...til the....*yawn* end...o'the...*begins to breathe more regularly, asleep*

Steph: *wearing a smile that stretches from ear to ear, she drifts off to sleep as well*