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Special Thanks To:

DC Comics for taking a chance with another Robin

Marv Wolfman and George Perez for creating Tim Drake

Alan Grant for paving the way towards the cool character he is today

Norm Breyfogle for designing the coolest Robin costume to date, and retiring those tired old threads.

Chuck Dixon, one of the greatest writers there are, for making Robin one of the best, most interesting comic characters I've ever read, and designing some of the best, most interesting supporting characters I've ever read.

Tom Lyle, Tom Grummet, Mike Wieringo, Staz Johnson, Todd Nauk and every other artist to render Tim to the page.

Additional Thanks to:

James Parkhurst for way too much to list here...

Nik Stanoshek for being a great guy and letting me steal his Superboy bio for use on this page

Misted for great conversation and the use of her Secret bio on this page.

Adrienne Johansson for running countless page and link tests, and for Spoiler bio assist, and gee, a whole lot more.

Denise and lash for being so patient during all the hours I spend away on the computer making this.

Danny Reynes for letting my swipe a couple pics from his Project YJ Site.

Everyone who's signed the guestbook.

Everyone who's visited and given this page their support