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Sensei's Journal
(Translated from Ancient Japanese)

November 25, 2983

Jan and I successfully rescued the families on Khundia and are now enroute back to HQ.

November 19, 2983

He did it again. He's sending me and Element Lad to rescue this "good" Khund's family, infiltrate the main Khund militaryt base and stop the Khundish Emperor. Garth, what's wrong with you? I can handle this mission...but Jan? He's no warrior, and he's to be married soon. I wish he'd sent Stealth, Projectra, Chameleon or even the Martian instead; now I have to try not to distract myself with worry over Jan...

(Note to self: suggest to Garth that I help train the team and the Academy in self defense)

November 15, 2983

Sometimes I wish I could read minds like Imra -- then I'd know what Garth is thinking. He takes the word of a supposed descendant of a Khund superhero from the twentieth century, that the Khundish armada is planning to invade Earth. This is fine. It's best to be prepared just in case.

But then, when some Khunds interrupt UP peace talks with the Dominion and Ambassador Relnic calls for our assistance, he only sends Gim and two wet-behind-the-ears Academy students to check it out. I hope they don't get those kids killed.

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