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Karate Kid Picture Gallery

I no longer have access to a working scanner: if anyone provides me with scanned images of Karate Kid (any incarnation post or pre-boot, not Myg) and provides a return address I will send you one crisp American dollar for every picture used. Fan art is also welcome.
For the most part, all of these pictures are scanned from various Legion titles. There's a couple "borrowed" from other folks' pages. If you own one of the pics I've used and this bothers you, let me know. That said, enjoy the pics.
Misc. Pics:
Headshot 2
Val with the Work Force
Cover Pics With Val on Them:
LoSH #111
LoSH #103
LoSH #122
Legionnaires #63
Fan Art:

Shawn Van Briesen: (used without permission)
Drawing of Val with Jeckie

Erick Quinnones (?):
The Alternate LoSH Play-by-email Karate Kid, called "Sensei."


Email: Karate Kid