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Updated Robin's listing of appearances.


Today I added a necessary disclaimer to the Appearances section. Also added is another Robin/Spoiler fanfic by myself and Adrienne Johansson, following the same continuity as our previous works.


Today the bios through issue 76 (the current most recent issue) are now completed. I also added a section devoted to listing all of Robin or Tim's appearances.


Today we have bios up through issue 60 completed, and Dava's bio has been added as well. Also edited some misinformation/typos in regards to first issue appearances on a couple characters.


Today another chunk of the bio went up (issues through 30 of Robin, plus Robin + Impulse). Also got the bios for Ariana, Alfred and Huntress up. There's a scan of the art for the cover to "The Gauntlet," a Batman Chronicles story featuring a year one day one story on the first Robin.


Today another chunk of the bio went up (issues through 20 of Robin, plus the Prodigal cross-over), and a few new pics have come up.
Added a pic of Nightwing and Robin to the art gallery.


A few new things today. Created the Art Gallery, with its first selection -- a sketch by Star Wars artist Brandon McKinney, also did bios for Robin issues 1-0, and for Barbara Gordon. There's a couple new additions to the link section as well.


Created the editorial page, which is where I'll place all of the old front page messages whenever I change them, and anything else that may have need to come up.


Spent the week editing new graphics, and working on the bio page. Thanks to Adrienne Johansson for help with the Robin III history. Bio is now complete through to the end of the three miniseries' and pertinent pre-series annuals.


Created Letters section of webpage, with two letters so far: one from Chuck Dixon, another from the webmaster of the Lagoon Boy Website.