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Well, now that Robin's killed Shiva, he has to save her, so he sicks Dava on King Snake and his men while he administers CPR. Unfortunately, it's the Aramilla on his lips that brings her back -- with superspeed. Dava, shot unconscious is pulled to safety while now Lady Shiva begins butchering the General's men and does battle with King Snake. After a moral argument with Dava over killing and the nature of war, Robin heads for home. On the plane home, Tim calls Jack and vows there'd be no more secrets between them, no more lies. However, when he arrives this chance is cut short -- Gotham has just underwent a massive earthquake and is quite destroyed.

In the wake of Gotham's cataclysm, Robin is busy locating the villainous "Quakemaster," who happens to really be the Ventriloquist hoaxing his way into taking claim for Gotham's earthquake. With the aid of the GCPD's finest, Robin takes Vent. down, and Hardback blows the Vent.'s puppet's "brains" out. Faced with the condition of Gotham after the quake, and the events of the months to come, it's a rather pyrrhic victory.

Some more time passes, and Tim goes to check on Ari -- only to be stopped by national guardsmen due to the block being closed off. He learns she's holed up at the high school with other displaced families and goes home where he finds his dad being scammed by a con-artist construction worker. Since Tim doesn't trust Jack to believe him, he says nothing and lets his dad get scammed. That night, as Robin, he heads to the high school shelter to check on Ari. Not only does he find Ari there, and pine for her a bit, but he finds Steph there as well. He uses a batarang to alert her to his presence (Steph "her" not Ari) and meets her outside. Steph needs Robin to go rescue her costume from her house in case looters break in they won't find out her secret identity. While running her errand, he finds her dad, the Cluemaster, squatting in the place. Cluemaster's idiocy alerts the national guardsmen. Robin tussles with him a bit, gets the costume while the guardsmen get Cluemaster. Resigned to having had a bad night, things brighten as he catches sight of the van belonging to the earlier mentioned scam artists. Robin steals back their money, pops their tires and reports them to the cops. He then drops by Steph to tell her about the fight with her dad, and to let her know he's keeping her costume. Next morning Tim presents dad with the "refunded" money. That morning he also gets to finally see Ariana again. The two vow to start things over, and Tim makes the claim to himself that nothing will tear them apart again.

Hey! It's time for a Robin-Nightwing-Batman-Green Arrow-Oracle-Black Canary-Bronze Tiger-Eddie Fyers team-up! Martial artists from far and wide are out to test themselves against Green Arrow (Connor) and kill him in combat. Lucky for him, he's got the bat-family on his side. While everyone else is busy trying to run interference with the Brotherhood of the Monkey Fist, Green Arrow helps Robin make quick work of a couple gang bangers. Unlucky for everyone, Lady Shiva also happens to be one of the Monkeys (though lucky for Robin, she owes him her life and stands by her debt of honor). Green Arrow and Robin bond a bit over the similarities in their father-son/mentor-son relationships. After the two hook up with Nightwing, they run into the Bamboo Monkey, who challenges Green Arrow to a duel, and is defeated summarily. They next hook up with Oracle (small nit, Dick actually calls Barbara "Babs" in Connor's presence. Whatever happened to protecting secret id's?) and together brainstorm a bit into the hierarchy of the Brotherhood. Leaving Oracle to hook up with Batman, the crew heads for the Monkey's secret Gotham headquarters and end up right against Lady Shiva herself.

Everyone gets a bit separated around this point, and Green Arrow ends up in mortal combat with Lady Shiva. And he loses. The only thing that spares his life is Robin's timely intervention and reminder to Shiva that she owes him her life. Lucky for Connor, she bows out. Unlucky for Robin, her parting words make it quite explicit that she'll one day be facing Robin in the duel to the death. But any win's a good win, no?

Next up we have Cluemaster interviewing new flunkies, and then a nice scene of Robin and Spoiler stopping some addicts/dealers at a drug store. Of course the good guys win, Robin teaches Spoiler to remember to pay for the soda she claims from the shop owner's cooler. They then hop in the Redbird to head home, share a little convo. about the Huntress and then drops Steph off at home. The next day at school Tim spies a group of bullies (lead by a guy called "the Stanz") picking on Philmont. Tim agrees to a dinner date at Ari's and then cut to another Cluemaster instructional scene, and then cut back to Tim at Ari's for dinner. The whole night though, he's got Steph on the mind. Which leads to THEIR renezvous after he leaves Ari's. Robin makes a speech to her about how they can never be more than Robin and Spoiler, that the secret ids of him, Batman etc. are too important to risk, and she's cool with it. And so Spoiler/Steph's romantic relationship with Robin, but not Tim, begins. Cut to the Batcave where Tim's busy trying to write a break-up note to Ari. Alfred, the wonderful man he is, makes sure to let Tim know that the honorable, and only acceptible thing, is to break up with Ari in person, and so the next day at school he pulls her aside only to have her do a pre-emptive dump on him!

Next up is Robin and Spoiler's first date. They go to a sci-fi movie where everyone seems dressed in costumes, and the two easily blend in. Robin, though, is uncomfortable and worried villains will pop up any second. Spoiler lightens him up with a kiss. Bless her. After the movie, they follow the other costumed moviegoers to a pizza shop for some grub. After food, it's time for the two to run off for patrol but only end up kissin' some more. A week later, Spoiler lets Robin know she's pregnant.

Silly. Robin's not the dad; he's still a virgin. She does reveal that the baby's dad is out of the picture, though. Robin, though, great guy that he is, vows to stay by Steph every step of the way. Cut to later at the Batcave. Bruce is heading out to try and round up a few more of the Blackgate escapees, and Robin's got computer duty, which he spends getting advice from Oracle about the Steph situation. Cut to Ives and crew arguing Star Wars and then running after seeing a scary person in a bakery, and then to the next day where we find Steph and her mom at County Social Services. Steph doesn't like the social worker's vibe and storms out. After that we have Ives and co. telling Tim about their "monster," and so Robin ends up investigating. Turns out the monster is Steeljacket.

While Robin's duking it out with Steeljacket, cut to a brief interlude where Steph and her mom finally do some much needed bonding. Anyway, Robin makes quick enough work of Steeljacket and brings him in. After that, Robin calls Steph and she hits him up to be her Lamaze partner. The next day in gym class, Philmont gets dragged off by The Stanz for a "talk." Tim has one of those moments where he feels like a jerk for not doing anything because it might blow his secret. So later that day he's brought to the Principal's office to find out Philmont was found beaten to death.

The next morning at breakfast, Jack (who's looking a LOT grayer on top) talks with Tim a little about the rise in crime at his school, and how it might be a good idea to leave Gotham like everyone else. Later that day, Robin hits the scene of the crime to find some clues or evidence to get the Stanz locked up. Finding nothing, he sets up video surveillance for the badguys, and heads off to Stephs. In his new secret id as Alvin Draper, Tim arrives to take Steph to birthing classes. Later that evening she compliments him on the disguise, and lets him know she'd recognize him without the mask in a heartbeat. After that Robin heads out and tracks down Philmont's killers. After beating them up, he turns them in to the cops. Just before that though, they pleaded that they weren't the killers, and Robin believed them. The next day Tim even changes his story about seeing them take off with Philmont before his death.

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Young Justice:
Issues 1-10; Issues 11-20