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Next up, our still ill Robin vents to Alfred a bit about how much he hates keeping things from his dad. Speaking of dad, cut to him real quick to see how he's blaming himself for Tim's behavior. An emergency with Killer Croc crops up and Robin has to go solo against the thug. Poor sick, weakened Robin loses, and Croc catches him. The GCPD "Blue Boys" do a bang-up job of rescuing him though, and he pulls a good turn-around on Croc. After that, Tim calls home, and tells Jack where he's at. Jack is NOT happy, and vows there will be "permanent and drastic changes." Jack then gets on the line with state politicians to make them find a way to rescue Tim. It turns into a media extravaganza and Tim's face is plastered all over the news.

It turns out the media attention is good for Gotham though, and Batman arranges for Tim to be evacced back to his family. And the all new, all boring Batgirl gets to be his bodyguard. The idiot politicians leak to the press the location of Tim's pick-up point, and through them Gotham gangs try to kill Tim on his way out. The aforementioned Batgirl makes sure that doesn't happen, though, and Tim is returned home to dad.

No Man's Land over, Robin heads out with Nightwing for an evening on the river, and a fight with mob hitmen. After finding the body they're looking for, the cops get to handle the rest. Meanwhile, we get to learn that Jack pulled some strings and got Tim enrolled at the Brentwoon Academy. Tim gets to go to lunch and say his farewells to Ives and Callie, and that night Robin gets to do the same with Spoiler. They share a kiss, break up a robbery, reaffirm the strength of their relationship. After that, it's a meet with Batman, where Robin's sure Batman's going to fire him. Instead Batman sends Alfred to be Tim's valet at school. Tim's upperclass guide is one Jason "Jace" Bromorton; kinda snooty. Even better, his roommate is Ali Ben Khadir, the Rhafi of Dhabar (last seen in Robin #48).

Robin's first obstacle to nocturnal activity is one "Cardigan," the school headmaster's mutt. He later spies a gang of skaters called the SK8BRATZ being chased by cops. The next day Tim makes an appointment to start babysitting Cardigan in order to befriend the dog. That night Robin's un-bothered by Cardigan and heads to Gotham for a visit with Steph. Not much happens there though, and he leaves for a run-in with the SK8BRATZ. They either catch him by surprise or he's greatly underestimating them, but they beat him and escape. Dazed and beaten silly, he lumbers his way back to school, and Alfred writes his bruises off the next morning as sleepwalking. Saturday morning Tim hits the local skate park to learn some moves on his own, and gets taken under wing by a gal named Star, who's highly respected by all the other local skate kids. (Going by clothing changes from each panel, Tim spends a week and a half learning skateboarding, and puts 12 hours into each day. Where's he finding time for school?) One late night sneaking back in, Tim gets caught by Cardigan's owner and earns a demerit for his sneaking off campus. The next night Robin heads out for a rematch with the SK8BRATZ. This time, aided by his tricked-up wheels the Redboard (please Chuck, no...) he beats them and gets them turned in to the cops. The next morning Alfred has the answer to all Tim's secret identity woes: a pair of glasses and a hairdo change. Hey, it works for Superman.

Another night. Open on a pizza guy delivering to the school, only to be scared off by Man-Bat's bat-son. The following night Robin heads out to investigate the school's closed-off tower to see what scared the pizza guy and Cardigan. Cardigan tags along. It's in the tower that Tim's attacked by the Man-Bat family. They egt away, and Cardigan, if not saved by Robin, would have plummeted to his little puppy death. Since Robin thinks Nightwing dealt with them last, he meets with Dick the next night. They don't turn up anything useful, but we get to see that someone is observing Robin, and begins to have robotic drones follow him unawares. While Tim's busy trying to find an antidote for the Langstroms (the technical name of the Man-Bat family), the youngest Langstrom actually destroys the drone trailing Robin. Tim next makes a call with another former associate of Langstrom's -- Jason Bard.

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Young Justice:
Issues 1-10; Issues 11-20