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The next issue begins with a nice litle foreshadowing of No Man's Land, as Robin and Nightwing break up a situation of self-proclaimed "Block Police" demanding tolls for road usage. After that he gets advice from Nightwing about the whole Stanz situation: keep watching him. The next day in gym class, Stanz has the gall to thank Tim for not turning him over to the cops. Next up Tim gets a sight of Steph at school and hides 'til she leaves, given her proclamation of being able to recognize him, he doesn't want to tempt the accuracy of her claim. Tim later spies a homeless guy collecting bottles in the woods near where Philmont was killed. That night Robin tracks the vagrant down. While Robin's making friendly in order to get a look through the man's recycleables for a potential murder weapon, the real killers show up shooting. Robin makes short work of them, and it turns out it was Stanz and friend afterall. After that, the cops are lead to find the murder weapon (a Zesti bottle) and the case is closed. Though the guilt of Philmont's death will remain a heavy weight on Tim as well.

Our next issue begins with Robin visiting Steph to say his good-byes. Seems Jack's decided life will be safer in Keystone City and the Drake clan is on the move. The two continue to bond deeper and deeper. This is also Steph's first mention that the child is definitely going to go up for adoption. Turns out Robin's going to miss her more than anyone else in Gotham, anyone. Once in Keystone City, Jack and Dana head off for dinner and Tim stays behind until he developes cabin fever and heads out for a night on the town as Robin. Coming across a hostage situation he decides to help out, only to find that the Keystone Cops, not recognizing him, are very gun-happy. While dodging bullets, Robin stumbles into the badguys, and before they can kill him, a "mysterious" tornado appears and wipes out the badguys. Said tornado happens to be the Flash. Badguys beaten, Flash makes sure Robin didn't bring Batman along, and then invites our Boy Wonder out for a bite to eat. Cut to Captain Boomerang and the Riddler escaping from a prison bus transport near Keystone City.

Another bored night on the town for Robin, he phones his new buddy the Flash in hopes of finding a little action. The two enter into a debate over what good they do each other as potential partners, their powers and patrolling schedules being so different, when they're interrupted by hundreds of printed riddles drifting down from the sky. Robin immediately identifies this as a Riddler plot, makes Flash gather up all the riddles and then the two separate -- Robin taking the riddles for decyphering, Flash heading home for bed. The next day Robin meets back up with Flash at Flash's house. Robin gives Flash a brief lesson on the nature of the Riddler, while doing so he uncovers the Riddler's plot to place bombs in stolen radios as a means to keep Flash busy while he and Boomerang steal some computer chips. Hey hey, Robin's lucky day -- Superman shows up as well. Seems this little adventure coincides with Supes' looney mission to be 24 hour watchdog over the Earth, so Supes and Flash run off to gather all the radios without Robin. Well, the radios are handled and citizens are saved, but Riddler and Captain Boomerang remain at large.

Robin then has Flash running all over Keystone foolowing up on Riddler's riddles. He himself takes a break to call Steph. Robin ends up having to strengthen her resolve to give the baby up for adoption, vows he'll do his absolute best to be there for her and then back to the Flash... Robin's got him on more dead-end clues and hunches, and finally discovers Riddler's real plan only once Flash is out of range to call for help. So Robin takes on the Riddler and Captain Boomerang solo. After Boomerang almost blows Robin up, Flash shows and the badguys are quickly subdued. The two heroes then wind down over pizza and Robin makes another call to Steph -- only to find out she's in labor and there's something wrong. Thanks to Flash, he makes it to the hospital on time to be there for her.

The problem turns out to be something about the baby's position inside Steph, and Robin's forced by the docs out of the room so they can deliver, presumably by c-section. Cut to a rather surreal and entertaining dream sequence on Steph's part. And buy the book to read it yourself. Steph wakes to Robin's voice. They chit chat about her mom, about him trying to find a way back to Gotham Heights permanently, and Robin reassures her that the baby's healthy and nothing more because she's decided to go through with the adoption, and then her mom shows and Robin has to bail. That done, he calls dad to face the music. Jack's pretty, justifiably, peeved, and orders Tim to be at the old house waiting for him when he arrives. En route to the family home, Tim stops at the ruins of Wayne Manor to mope. Cut to Steph's hospital, where a group of Nicholas Scratch's demons have shown up to demand services.

Back at the Drake home, Jack's giving Tim the riot act, only to be convinced by Tim halfway through that they should move back to Gotham, so they head to a deli to celebrate. To poor Tim's discomfort, Ariana is their waitress. They have a typical adolescent ex-boyfriend-girlfriend-now-friends conversation. While driving Jack and Dana home, a news report about the demons comes over the radio, and Robin lies his way into dropping them off so he can go investigate. I have to say, the Gotham Heights cops aren't anything fancy if hours of struggle against the demons proves fruitless for them and Robin shows up and makes quick work of them, but oh well, that's what happens. After that, the move back is made official, and the story ends on a happy note. Just in time for the events to follow...

Robin has gotten the call from Batman to report to Gotham for duty in No Man's Land or hang up his cape. Together with Nightwing, the first task is to sneak in to the blockaded city. Robin brings along the carriages used much previously by Slyfox (see the Wildcat guest appearances) and their route in is the uncompletedAqueduct Three from Sheldon Park. Dick wrecks his ride while goofing off and stirs up a nice helping of fear for Robin. Their next path, a small tunnel through a mile of rock to Gotham. That done, they're up into the sewers and are blind-sided by Tommy Mangles and Gearhead. Our two heroes win, but the badguys escape, and they head to the surface to meet Batman. Note: Many, many cool stories, some featuring Robin, occur in other titles' issues of NML, buy them too, but I'm not to be focusing on them, sorry.

Robin's first solo NML mission is to locate the whereabouts of a new secret food cache. While he does detective work (which leads him back to the sewers), let's cut to Steph; she's out for a run, getting back in shape, readjusting to her life, and returns home to see her mom's found her Spoiler suit (Steph's mom thinks Steph's a super villain like her daddy; you HAVE to read these scenes for yourself, they're great). Down below, Robin finds the food cache. Unfortunately, it's being guarded by the Ratcatcher (he controls rats). Ratcatcher actually beats Robin and he has to flee. Between a few dozen rat bites and a swim in raw sewage, Robin's on a one-way trip to sicksville. Unconscious, he's found by a group of teens living out D&D fantasies in the wake of NML. Meanwhile, Gearhead is still running around in the sewers, and Mister Freeze decides to show too. The whole thing culminates in a big fight with all parties involved. Robin gets lucky playing them all off each other and wins the day, and the cache.

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